The Gate of Heavenly Peace – 天安门

While doing some research for this documentary series, I came across the following recently posted (2007) old June 4, 1996 Charlie Rose interview. Here is the show info (link and emphasis mine),

… on the seventh anniversary of the brutal attack of students by Chinese tanks and soldiers in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, Chai Ling, commander-in-chief of the student rebellion, and James Lilley, the U.S. Ambassador to China during the protest, talk about the incident and the PBS Frontline documentary “The Gate of Heavenly Peace.

There were (and still are) tremendous debates and controversy about the film and what happened at Tiananmen Square. The film also elicited (emphasis mine) “responses from both the Chinese government and leading members of the Chinese exiled dissident movement that are similar in colorful and strident tone of denunciation.”


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